CROI 2019 Seattle: Concepts and Perceptions of HIV Cure Research Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion – Concepts and Perceptions of HIV Cure Research

– A. Toni Young, BELIEVE CAB

– Tranisha Arzah, defeatHIV CAB
– Danielle M. Campbell, MPH, AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition, DARE Collaboratory CAB
– Itai Jeffries (Yesah), Ph.D, Traditional Health Program Director, Seattle Indian Health Board
– Rev. Rob Newells, Executive Director, APEB / amfAR Institute CAB
– Moses Supercharger, Head Stigmaless Uganda / Chair Joint Clinical Research Centre CAB
– Laurie Sylla, defeatHIV CAB / MDC CAB / Director, Mountain West AIDS Education & Training Center
– Jeff Taylor, CARE Collaboratory CAB / amfAR Institute CAB.

Presented at the 2019 Pre-CROI Community HIV Cure Research Workshop in Seattle.