CROI 2014: The Cure

CROI 2014: The Cure

A discussion on elements surrounding HIV Cure research including viral persistence and its impact on HIV cure research, with discussion that viral persistence is proving to be more complex than originally expected by early researcher leading to the development of new reservoir assays for the detection of latent cells.

The discussion also includes a review of the research into whether the ‘Mississippi Baby’ was infected or not, discovering that the baby was indeed infected and confirming the functional cure of the virus thus far in the infant. Another baby, treated with ARV treatment immediately after birth in CA is also discussed, which has been on continuous monitored treatment for 8-months, so the industry is waiting to see whether after stopping treatment the baby will continue to control viral proliferation or not, and what that means for the future of similar patients.

Nicholas Chomont, PhD, Principal Investigator, Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida, Port St. Lucie, FL;

Sharon Lewin, MD, Director, Department of Infectious Diseases, Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia,

Matt Sharp. PLWHIV/AIDS Advocate and Consultant, San Francisco, CA