CROI 2014: PrEP – Use It Or Lose It

CROI 2014: PrEP – Use It Or Lose It

A recap of the PREP — Use It Or Lose It presentation held at CROI. The panel particularly looks at how the once a day prevention pill use can affect communities of color, and youth. PrEP has been shown to be protective for about 44% of participants in studies, but for the subgroup in the study that was highly adherent almost 100% of participants were protected. Largest questions dealt with include personal concerns of resistance that may develop from using PrEP as well as concerns of how to afford PrEP if you are confident in your ability to remain adherent and you have been fortunate enough to have been educated about it. How to use PREP appropriately and behavioral interventions that facilitate PREP use or are barriers to use.

Steven Wakefield, AVAC, Seattle, WA;

Rob Newells, AVAC, Oakland, CA;

Angel Hernandez, AVAC, Puerto Rico;

Julie Patterson, AVAC,