CROI 2014: Pediatrics

CROI 2014: Pediatrics

The panel again covers the Mississippi Baby and goes beyond to include a discussion of studies on pediatrics presented at CROI including a study demonstrating that early antiretroviral therapy in perinatal infection reduces long term development of viral reservoirs in peripheral cells, reinforcing the benefit of early treatment. Preventing Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and the W.H.O. protocol options are discussed highlighting that PMTCT does not just mean putting mothers on treatment it also means following them through the breast feeding period making sure infants are tested and that linkage to care is followed through, balancing the risks and benefits of PMTCT intervention is a continued challenge for international health. The issue of tenofovir use and its impact on bone density is discussed along with new options and best practices for pediatric care.

Allison Ross Eckard, MD, Assistant Professor, Emory University, Atlanta, GA;

Ann Chahroudi, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, Emory Healthcare, Assistant Professor Infectious Disease Dept of Pediatrics;

Sahera Dirajlal-Fargo, DO, Pediatric Infectioius Diseases Instructor, Pediatrics, CWRU School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH;

Host – Fred Schaich, IFARA, Portland, OR