CROI 2014: Neurological Issues

CROI 2014: Neurological Issues

This years plenary presenter Dr. Serena Spudich is joined by two prominent neurologists to discuss the resurgence of interest on what is going on in the brain as individuals are aging with HIV and the role of neurology in investigating the role the brain plays as an HIV reservoir. The idea that all HIV positive individuals suffer from cognitive impairment is challenged. More potent early therapies that are initiated during acute infection is important not only for viral control but also for protecting the nervous system. The panel cautions virologists and immunologists focused on viral eradication to consider the impact that therapies may have as side effects on the neural system in order to protect cognitive function.

Scott Letendre, MD, Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of California, San Diego, CA;

Bruce Brew, MD, Neurology, St. Vincents Hospital University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia;

Serena Spudich, Associate Professor of Neurology at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT,

Hosted by Andy Kaytes, San Diego, CA